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 Genio Software Is Opening On: 18th April 2008

www.genio-software.co.uk is currently undergoing some re-construction.

Welcome to the Genio Software homepage. Genio Software, are a software production team who believe that Software is too over-priced for what it is. Therefore, Genio Software will bring you high quality software, for extremely low prices.

Genio Software have several missions. It is of paramount importance that we stick to these missions. For more information on our missions – please go to the “Our Mission” page on this Website.

Genio Software, unlike most businesses, listen to the Publics Point of View, and therefore, we make appropriate changes to our software, based on publics opinions. For more information on our listening policy – please visit the “Contact Us” page on this Website.

Genio Software have recently developed the latest version of our web browser, Xplorer. Xplorer is available from various different websites, you can download it from this page, or from the Xplorer homepage. Xplorer 7 series, brings speed, style and security back to the internet... Try it now. Go to "Software", then click on the tab "Xplorer". The download is available on that webpage...

News: Genio Software is a safe website. McAfee says "We tested this site and didn't find any significant problems."